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Specializing in GIS-based software, interactive web mapping applications and consulting services for economic development, commercial real estate and tourism organizations.

Our ArcGIS Online-based web mapping applications deliver Esri's geoenrichment API and automated commercial real estate property listings. These web applications typically function within an organizations' existing website(s) and/or through other interactive web mapping presentations for marketing and recruitment.

Our talented development team is supported by economic development consultants and software architects, along with partners in government agencies, state / local GIS departments, and other recognized institutes of technology and research collaborate with us to create easy to use mapping applications and data research solutions that serve the greater good for communities, cities, states and regions requiring automated web research tools that streamline workflows and enhance collaboration amongst their economic development affiliates.

GIS WebTech also leverages Esri's solutions for internal sales and marketing research, along with day to day design and collaborative efforts by our development team within the ArcGIS Online environment.

GIS WebTech was nominated for Esri's 'Best New Partner' award in 2013, and we look forward to continuing our product development and marketing efforts with their talented and helpful teams.

Industries Served: Community Development, Education, Real Estate, Research Organizations


GIS WebTech provides consultation and project management services for economic development, tourism and commercial real estate organizations requiring GIS-based mapping components, large scale IT infrastructure, and GIS system implementation and product training. <br /> <br />GIS WebTech's talented development team specializes in consulting, planning services and project support for implementing large scale IT projects that leverage GIS components for research, collaboration and streamlined workflows. We also provide comprehensive GIS application development services that are focused on Esri's cloud-based collaboration platform, ArcGIS Online, used for designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications that enhance collaboration and streamline workflows for large enterprises and government organizations. <br /> <br />Our capabilities include: <br /> <br />* Comprehensive mapping and GIS planning services for economic development and business recruitment. <br /> <br />* Interactive web mapping applications engineered for marketing, research and industry recruitment. <br /> <br />* Enterprise web services, project mashups and custom user interface (UI) design. <br /> <br />* Web-based mapping applications for commercial real estate and small business research. <br /> <br />* Custom geographic databases and report generation.Application Development;Business Case Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System Integration;Training ServicesRecruitGrowRecruitGIS for Economic DevelopmentEsri News: State & Local Government (pg. 10-11)New & Noteworthy (pg.13)Grow