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Pioneers of industry leading Spatial Data Access Solutions, Valtus provides end-to-end solutions for the storage, management and delivery of geospatial information in the form of aerial and satellite imagery, LiDAR data and related data, helping both government and commercial customers gain a better understanding of the geographies they serve.

Customers have options as to how they access the data, allowing them to choose the method most conducive to their structure and environment. Views: Spatial Content as a Service provides users with “real-time” streaming access to multiple imagery layers and LiDAR hillshades within a WMS enabled GIS application, such as the Esri Arc Suite of products. An OGC WMS-compliant service, Views is accessible in most applications that support this widely accepted standard.

The Spatial Data Store allows customers to select static, geo-referenced data on a transactional or as needed basis, from the imagery and/or LiDAR libraries. Orders are processed “on-the-fly” based on the user’s specifications (projection, file type, etc.) and delivered via email to download, all within minutes.

Through Vault: Spatial Data Cloud Solutions, customers have the ability to securely integrate their proprietary spatial data, creating a seamless, single source storage location that includes access to the Valtus public database.

Vault: Spatial Data Cloud Services stores and maintains your proprietary spatial data. By reducing the burden of infrastructure and related expenses of in-house data management, Vault allows you to focus more on your core business. And because Vault guarantees availability, backup and security, it makes it easy for your entire organization to store and share the data.Hosting ServicesViews: Spatial Content as a ServiceSpatial Data StoreVault: Spatial Data Cloud SolutionsViews: Spatial Content as a ServiceOil & Gas industry use exampleSpatial Data StoreVault: Spatial Data Cloud Solutions