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CrimeView Desktop

Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.0
Industries:   Public Safety

CrimeView Desktop is the most widely used crime analysis and mapping tool in North America. Hundreds of agencies and crime analysts utilize CrimeView Desktop for investigations, deployment, emergency management and COMPSTAT reporting. Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems data are automatically imported into our mapping platform. This allows end users to visualize crime activity geographically in order to put officers where they are needed most.


CrimeView DashboardCrimeView DesktopCrimeMapping.comFireView DashboardFireView DesktopCrimeView DashboardCrimeView DashboardCrimeView DesktopCrimeView DesktopCrimeMapping.comCrimeMapping.comFireView DashboardFireView DashboardFireView DesktopFireView Desktop