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SSP Innovations offers GIS product implementation, customization, and systems integration. SSP has extensive experience in the entire project life cycle from requirements gathering through deployment and training with a focus on implementing industry-leading Esri & Schneider Electric technology for electric, gas, water, and telecom utilities.

SSP is also a premier Schneider Electric Implementation partner certified to implement the entire Schneider Electric product line including ArcFM, Designer, Responder, Geodatabase Manager, Network Adapter, ArcFM Viewer/Mobile, Fiber Manager, Conduit Manager, Inspector, and Redliner.

While working with many utilities SSP has developed the Workforce Management (WFM) product as a work design and management system for small and medium-sized utilities to allow them to gain the major benefits of a centralized management system for a minimal cost. WFM is fully integrated to the Esri GIS platform.

In 2013, SSP has earned recognition becoming the first utility-focused ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner. In this role we can guide utilities to enabling their GIS solutions via repeatable ArcGIS Online patterns.

SSP will bring industry leading expertise to implement your Esri & Schneider Electric solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our proven track record and all of our satisfied customer implementations

Industries Served: Electric & Gas, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater


Awards and Designations

SSP is the premier implementation partner of Schneider Electric (SE - formerly Telvent) GIS and is certified across all of the SE and Esri products. SSP is also an ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner. Our core competencies include: <br /> <br />1. GIS Consulting & Product Implementation - SSP is available to assist with any general GIS consulting and will successfully lead your product implementation of any Esri or SE product including ArcGIS Online. <br /> <br />2. Custom Software Development - SSP can lead your organization through requirements gathering, needs assessment, design, development, and deployment of custom solutions of all types within ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcEngine, ArcGIS Online, and the entire SE Suite. <br /> <br />3. Systems Integration - SSP specializes in integrating Esri GIS to all other utility systems including CIS, DPS, WMS, OMS, MDS, EA, Document Mgt, and more. We have extensive experience in both point to point and SOA/service bus integrations.Application Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System Integration;Training ServicesSSP All Edits Report & QAQC ToolSSP Workforce Management (WFM)SSP Transformer Lifecycle ManagementArcGIS Online EnablementSSP All Edits Report & QAQC ToolAll Edits - Save/Archive Version EditsAll Edits - Enhance Your QAAll Edits QAQC DemoSSP Workforce Management (WFM)WFM - Work Management ConceptsWFM - UnitizationWFM - TUG PresentationWFM - Product Web PageWFM - DemoSSP Transformer Lifecycle ManagementXfr Management at GP&LEGUG Presentation - Xfr LifecycleSSP Xfr Lifecycle ManagementArcGIS Online EnablementArcGIS Online Is Easy Enough For Kids to UseWhat's the Deal With ArcGIS Online Entitlements?Energy United Adds Immediate Value with ArcGIS OnlineThe New ArcFM Feeder Map for ArcGIS OnlineDid You Know About the ArcGIS Online Credits EstimatorMLGW Implements Meter Collection with ArcGIS OnlineCollector - KISS Principle AppliedFiber Field Data AcquisitionAbout... ArcGIS Operations Dashboard Part 1About... ArcGIS Operations Dashboard Part 2Recommended Architecture for ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS for Electric - What, Why and How Much?About...ArcGIS Online - Searching Your DataAbout... ArcGIS Online - Exploring Data TabularlyAbout... ArcGIS Online - Filtering Your DataAbout...Esri Maps for OfficeEsri Partner Success StoryPowerful Utility Reporting with ArcGIS OnlineCreating an ArcGIS Online Outage Map - to the Next LevelCreating an ArcGIS Online Outage Map - Easy as 1, 2, 3Pole Inspections on Your iPad via ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Online at 10.1 and Why You Should CareCustomer Engagement Using ArcGIS Online