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Spatial Systems Associates (SSA) is a full service GIS implementation and support firm based in the mid-Atlantic. In business since 1995, SSA has focused on GIS consulting, data development, custom programming, analyis, and website development for federal, state, local government, utility, non-profit and church customers. We offer several unique products developed over the years that have proven beneficial to jurisdictions around the country, including our SpatialMAP911 software for building and maintaining addressed road centerlines for 911 offices; our Asbestos Management application used to document and manage asbestos in older facilities; our Facility Management Viewer designed to provide campus-wide information from the campus to the room level; and our SpatialMMS product designed to monitor and report indoor environment, power consumption, water consumption, space utilization and site sustainability characteristics for any facility. In addition, we have extensive experience in conversion of utility as-builts, conversion/development of cadastral datasets, and acquisition/processing of Lidar data.

Industries Served: Defense, Foundations & Associations, GIS, Health & Human Services, Intelligence, Public Safety


Spatial Systems Associates offers a complete set of GIS and FMIS implementation and support services focusing exclusively on Esri technology. Offerings include consulting (system design, integration guidance, hardware and software acquisition and installation), data development (scanning, registration, vectorization, attribution), programming and internet-based GIS and FMIS development and deployment.Application Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System IntegrationSpatialMMSSpatialMap911SpatialMMSFacilities BrochureSpatialMMSSustainability MattersTime and MoneyNewsletterConformance of Spatial's MMS Product with ASHRAE's ProtocolsSpatialMMS for ArcGIS Online - Try it live!SpatialMap911SpatialMap911 Cut SheetSpatialMap911 FlyerSpatialMap911 User Guide