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Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.0

gConflate is an intelligent data conflation solution to spatially re-locate or align existing GIS data to a more spatially accurate land base and street centerline network, including GPS data. This proven, Esri-based technology and process is an automated solution that offers a unique mechanism to quickly and effectively improve the spatial accuracy of existing GIS land base and facility asset data enabling clients to properly deploy and support future applications.

RAMTeCH is a leading provider of technology-enabled services in the geospatial industry. We have many years of experience providing quality data management services to the gas, electric, water/wastewater utilities, telecommunication/MSO, and government markets. RAMTeCH’s full range of products and services include data management, design/engineering, and professional services such as constulting, system integration, software development, implemenation, and program management.Application Development;Business Case Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System IntegrationgMaintenancegConflategMaintenancegConflate