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ATLAS Technology is the commercial software brand of Scion, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute which focuses research on Forestry, Biofuels and Biomaterials. The ATLAS suite is a collection of forest management tools which aims to get the latest science to users in forestry and wood production, and related industries.

Scion's purpose is to drive creativity and growth from these sectors to build economic value and contribute to beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.

Scion is the leading CRI in the following areas:

Sustainable forest management and tree improvement.
Forestry biosecurity, risk management and mitigation.
Wood processing, wood-related bioenergy, waste streams and other biomaterials.
Forestry and forestry-based ecosystem services to inform land-use decision making.

Scion collaborates with other research providers and end-users to develop:

Land-based biosecurity, soil and freshwater management.
Climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Indigenous forestry.
Industrial biotechnology and high-value manufacturing.

We achieve our purpose through providing research, technology and knowledge in partnership with industry, government and Maori stakeholders.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Land Records, Research Organizations
ATLAS Technology provides products and expertise to over 40 companies in forestry and related primary industries. We work to bring the latest science in land management, carbon sequestration measurement, forest mensuration, planning, simulation, remote measurement and valuation to companies across the globe.Application Development;Business Case Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Needs and Requirements;System Integration;Training ServicesATLAS GeoMasterATLAS GeoMapperATLAS GeoMasterGeoMaster DatasheetATLAS GeoMapper`Product Description