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Facility Manager

Platform:   Desktop
Industries:   Petroleum, Pipeline

Facility Manager is a flexible pipeline data management software that GIS technicians can rely upon to ensure the integrity of corporate pipeline data. The application creates a custom toolbar within Esri ArcMap to perform critical centerline maintenance including creating new lines, performing pipe reroutes, and merging pipelines.

The user experience within Facility Manager is highly customizable. Centerline maintenance can be performed in both a graphical environment within ArcMap or using a tabular interface in a separate window. The tabular interface allows users to edit data in both grid (horizontal) and card (vertical) views, drag and drop columns, view multiple tables concurrently, and apply a variety of filtering and sorting options. This creates a more fluid workflow for the individual so they can perform maintenance much more efficiently.

New Century Software has been a mainstay in the Oil & Gas pipeline industry for over 18 years and provides leading Integrity & Data Management solutions for pipeline operators. Currently, we have three locations: Fort Collins, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is to provide successful GIS, web and desktop solutions to strengthen integrity management and data management systems for customers all around the world. <br /> <br />We strive to provide the best in class products, professional services, and consulting. Our services range from PODS and other data model implementations, Data conversion services, field services data loading and mapping services. We approach every project with our client’s objectives in mind, along with the latest industry trends and compliance requirements. The software we design and the consulting we provide ensure that our customers can do their work more easily, efficiently, and accurately.Application Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System IntegrationSheetCutter Alignment Sheet GenerationCenterline Design ToolkitExpress LoaderSpill Impact AnalystCenterline BrowserFacility ManagerGas HCA AnalystSheetCutter Alignment Sheet GenerationCenterline Design ToolkitMapping your CenterlineExpress LoaderSpill Impact AnalystCenterline BrowserFacility ManagerGas HCA Analyst