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NISC MapWise

Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.1
Industries:   Electric & Gas

Elevate your data with NISC MapWise™. NISC MapWise is an integrated intelligent mapping solution designed to help visualize data—enabling you to find relationships that might be not as easy to connect on a spreadsheet. Fully integrated into iVUE®, this mapping solution helps you visually identify trends in your customer information, better gauge various accounting and business data and how it relates with other variables.


NISC® provides a full range of technical services and support to assist Members/Customers in analyzing needs, implementing systems and maintaining efficient technology solutions. <br /> <br />Our sales staff and system technicians will help you select a configuration, visit your site to install the application server for the NISC software, integrate it with your existing network, load and test software and train your staff on system administration functions. We will assist you with tuning, diagnostics and other system administrative support needs you may require.Data Conversion/Migration;System IntegrationNISC MapWiseiVUE AppSuiteSmartTrackNISC Outage Management SystemNISC MapWiseVideos about NISCiVUE AppSuiteMy NISC TVMashable.comNISCRE MagazineSmartTrackNISC Outage Management System