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WindMil Map

Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.1
Industries:   Electric & Gas

GIS - Overview

Get the most out of your GIS by fully integrating the best electrical grid analysis into your ESRI GIS environment.

WindMilMap provides geospatial information management capabilities that are integrated with WindMil, DisSPatch and Field Engineering. Over 100 electric utilities have chosen this cornerstone solution to capture, manage, apply and display their electric distribution network data in a geospatial environment.

WindMilMap offers all of the advantages of the best GIS. Even better, WindMilMap is founded upon the fully detailed distribution circuit model and optimized for engineering and operations. Comprehensive, built-in project management allows all users across the electric utility enterprise to access the same geospatial data for their diverse purposes including system planning, construction, analysis, asset management, and operations. Any user can directly, or through the ESRI ArcGIS toolset in the ArcMap environment, access, edit and display data and applications while preserving the integrity and accuracy of the electric distribution network topology.

GIS will be the cornerstone of data management and information display for engineering and operations in the Smart Grid and WindMilMap is the best GIS you will find for your electric distribution system. An integrated suite of WindMilMap, WindMil, DisSPatch, and Field Engineering will provide you with the platform that you need now, and for the future to plan, manage and operate your Smart Grid.

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