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We are specialists in the field of spatial planning related, real-time 3D landscape modeling with more than ten years of experience in software development and services.

Lenné3D is a spin-off from well renowned research institutes in and around Berlin, Germany. GIS customers benefit from our scientific approach to landscape modeling. We rely on tools and methods that support geo-data and rule-based landscape generation.

Industries Served: Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Conservation, Education, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS


We create easily interpretable 3D visualizations of your projects, drafts, ideas or scenarios. Together with our specialists, choose the best method of modeling and presentation for you – from abstract block models to photorealistic landscape models. We believe in our three pillars when it comes to digital and interactive landscape modeling: <br /> <br />A scientific approach focusing on knowledge and geo-data based methods to generate rather than design virtual scenes and landscapes. <br /> <br />Strong and powerful software solutions combining elements of game- engines, scientific geo-tools and common 3D modeling software and data formats. <br /> <br />A digital library that includes more than a thousand highly detailed 3D-models and methods for the most realistic ecosystem modeling. <br /> <br />Satisfied customers and successful projects make us the best choice as your partner for interactive landscape modeling and visualization.Vegetation3D - ArcGIS for Desktop plug-inVegetation3D - ArcGIS for Desktop plug-in