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LandWorks GIS

Platform:   Server
Version:   10.1
Industries:   Electric & Gas, Petroleum, Pipeline

LandWorks GIS is a comprehensive GIS mapping and analysis suite developed by LandWorks fully leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server to facilitate land asset management, analysis, reporting and document image display through both desktop and web based GIS deployment strategies.LandWorks GIS is fully integrated with LandWorks Property Management land record managment system as well as fully integrating with all major third party land systems.

LandWorks land asset management and GIS solutions are specifically designed for any corporate or governmental entity managing large volumes of land rights. Clients include companies United States nationwide, Canada and soon Spain and other foreign countries. The technology is uniquely positioned to span multiple industries including, but not limited to: oil and gas, pipeline, mining, wind and renewable energy, utilities and government.

LandWorks GISLandWorks GIS