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MapMart Cloud

Platform:   Desktop
Industries:   Agriculture, Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Aviation, Community Development, Conservation, Defense, Education, Environmental Management, Fish & Game, ...

MapMart Cloud offers hundreds of worldwide imagery, elevation, road network and other data sets including Bing Maps via secure WMS and WCS stream into the ArcGIS software. MapMart Cloud also hosts proprietary internal data to be accessed securely alongside the additional data sets offered. MapMart Cloud is highly flexible and customizable and is operational for your organization within minutes.


MapMart Cloud offers proprietary data hosting to allow Esri users to stream their own data quickly and efficiently alongside other MapMart Cloud service layers including Bing Maps. Visit www.mapmartcloud.com to access these services and to learn more about hosting and the hundreds of other data layers MapMart Cloud has available.Hosting ServicesMapMart CloudMapMart CloudMapMart Cloud Home Page