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Integral GIS, Inc. is an innovative spatial technology consulting and development company located in Seattle, WA. It was established in 1999 with a mission to make its clients successful through the application and implementation of spatial technologies. The company carries out its mission by using integrated visualizations of data and objects, in combination with other factors that drive an enterprise’s critical decision-making process. Capabilities of Integral GIS include ArcGIS Schematics integration, 3D/4D/5D engineering processes, geodatabase and database design, .NET (Visual Basic, C#) development, real-time and numerical modeling, Web development, and Web services integration. The company has been involved in complex and interesting projects because it strives for a comprehensive, big picture understanding of its clients needs and tirelessly advocates the advanced uses of GIS to increase business intelligence and enhance critical business processes. Integral GIS' innovation is demonstrated in part by development of the first 4D project management tools, which were used in the construction of Safeco Field in Seattle, Disneyland Hong Kong and Anaheim projects, and by PJM Interconnection. To learn more about Integral GIS, Inc., and to see examples of other innovative projects, visit its Web site at www.integralgis.com

Industries Served: Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Defense, Electric & Gas, Maritime, Retail
Integral GIS, Inc. develops custom solutions using standard industry tools and applications. Our company’s development expertise and flexibility are illustrated in the diversity of our portfolio, which includes: <br />+ 3D park visualizations for the Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany <br />+ Situational awareness support for security at the 2002 Winter Olympics <br />+ Critical infrastructure visualizations supporting antiterrorist planning and emergency management <br />+ Spatial analysis for customer demographics and the selection of business locations <br /> <br />The applications we develop typically do one or more of the following: <br />+ Integrate diverse applications into GIS <br />+ Web-based application development <br />+ Extend the current capabilities of ESRI software <br />+ Geodatabase design and development <br />+ Automate existing analysis processes and/or provide new analytical insight <br />+ Business geographies <br />+ Visualization <br />+ 3D/4D analysis <br />+ ArcSchematics Integration <br /> <br />In addition, we're continually developing solutions for: <br />+ Business location, routing, and demographics <br />+ The commercial and entertainment industries <br />+ Visualization and photorealism of spatial data <br />+ The application of GIS tools to construction <br />+ Geospatial technology integration (e.g., GPS, LIDAR, aerial photography, satellite imagery, remote sensing, and surveying)Application Development;Business Case Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System Integration;Training Services