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ISO, a unit of Verisk Insurance Solutions, serves insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers, insurance regulators, risk managers, and other participants in the property/casualty insurance marketplace. We offer products and services including:

•data to help insurers make independent decisions about their pricing
•insurance policy language
•rules needed to write and rate insurance policies
•tools for predictive modeling and scoring of risk
•information about specific properties and communities
•claims data and other information for underwriting
•tools for identifying and preventing insurance fraud
•criminal records and other public information
•information for marketing, loss control, and premium audit
•risk consulting services

LOCATION® Analyst is ISO’s spatial risk-management system for insurers. The system uses state-of-the-art geographic information system technology from Esri, and combines proprietary ISO data, visual maps, and sophisticated reporting to analyze insurers’ portfolios and help them make better risk management decisions.

Industries Served: Insurance