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INFLOR Consultoria e Sistemas is the market leader for forest management systems and an SAP ERP provider. The company is the owner of a complete and exclusive service solution for forests and agribusiness management, the Forest Management System, SGF. Furthermore, it offers services for the integration and development of SAP platform solutions for large companies.

Through a work methodology integrated with its clients and partners, such as SAP and Esri, INFLOR makes use of renowned strategies for implementing and customizing systems and offering project management, functional analysis, technical development maintenance and support of implementation processes for solutions and user training.

Industries Served: Agriculture, Environmental Management, Forestry, Land Records
Business Case Development;Implementation;System IntegrationSGF - Forestry Management SystemMy-ForestSGF - Forestry Management SystemMy-ForestINFLOR presents solutions for the Forest and Agricultural market at SAP® ForumForestry Management Processes, GPF – Cenibra