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RiskFrame® Liquids HCA

Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.1, 9.3
Industries:   Petroleum, Pipeline

Liquids release modeling for high consequence area impact determination. Direct and indirect analyses, comprehensive release volume calculation and state-of-the-art Overland Spread™ and hydrological transport modeling.

RiskFrame Liquids HCA Analysis provides determination of impacts using state-of-the-art overland and hydrological release modeling, identifying and locating pipeline segments that could impact high consequence areas (HCAs). Proximity buffering reveals those HCAs that are directly or indirectly impacted by an analysis. Multiple levels of impact types are considered, which combine to provide a thorough, conservative and justifiable approach to impact modeling. Detailed documentation and results data describe the finest level of detail behind the analysis, explaining any result, both as stationed impact segments and on detailed integrity sheets. Resulting segments are identified by type of HCA, impact type and transport characteristics.


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