101 E Broadway St Ste 316
Missoula, MT
United States  
Phone: (406) 203-4684
Industries Served: Community Development, Conservation, GIS, Information Technology, Telco
Geodata Services, Inc. provides services for business, economic development, and community planning and sustainability. Geodata Services is a Gold level consultant with Placeways, LLC specializing in CommunityViz. Geodata Services also has extensive experience with broadband and internet mapping, mapping the Montana and North Dakota state broadband maps and the National Broadband map for the last 5 years. Geodata Services was an Esri Foundation Business Partner of the Year for 2008, and new partner of the year in 2000. We are experienced with Esri Business Analyst and BAO. Geodata Services was founded in Ken Wall, President of Geodata Services, Inc. is a certified Esri instructor for ArcGIS I, II, III and a gold level CommunityViz consultant. We offer ArcGIS Online Start Up Service Packages <br />We can assist in setting up, implementing, and administering their own ArcGIS for Organizations Subscription. Basic Start Up ($2,000 for 10 hours of consulting and 10 hours of training) and Advanced Start Up ($5,000 for 20 hours of consulting and 30 hours of training).Business Case Development;Data Conversion/Migration;GIS Strategy and Planning;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Integration;Training ServicesArcGIS Online Basic Start Up Service PackagesArcGIS Online Basic Start Up Service PackagesArcGIS Online Start Up Services