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Platform:   Server
Version:   10.1, 9.3
Industries:   Electric & Gas

FuturaMap gives your engineers easy-to-use tools to configure their own map views and customize their own symbology. Equally important, FuturaMap gives you a single point of data entry, fully integrated with a suite of programs that constantly feed installation and repair updates directly into your GIS and your CIS.

Key Features of FuturaGIS and AssetTracker

Futura's mapping software includes specially-developed tools for inserting and editing electric-specific features on your maps. These dedicated tools simplify the editing processing while also enabling you to edit the map more accurately.

Both FuturaGIS and AssetTracker provide extensive map and asset Analysis and Reporting functionality designed to provide complete, concise data on demand.

FuturaGIS and AssetTracker employ powerful data validation routines and quality control mechanisms to help you maintain clean, correct data.

As an extension to Esri's ArcMap architecture, FuturaGIS capitalizes on the wide range of tools Esri provides to offer expanded functionality for editing and analyzing your GIS.


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