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Fugro Pelagos, Inc., an ocean engineering and surveying company, specializes in services and software for the marine industry. The company provides GIS products and services for the marine environment and has extensive experience in the submarine cable industry and the offshore oil and gas industry. Services include project management, needs assessment, software development, and database design and development.

Fugro Pelagos specializes in developing ArcGIS extensions for the specific requirements of clients. The extensions are designed around ArcGIS and use database libraries via DLLs to support databases and data formats that are not native to ArcGIS. The company's products include Cable Analyst II, for designing and managing submarine cables, and C-MAP CM-93 Viewer, an ArcGIS extension that brings nautical chart data to a GIS environment.

Industries Served: Marine
C-MAP CM-93 ViewerCable Analyst IIDXF Page ExporterC-MAP CM-93 ViewerCable Analyst IIDXF Page Exporter