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ENVI for ArcGIS Server

Platform:   Server

The demand for timely and accurate information from geospatial imagery is growing in industries from defense and intelligence to urban planning and development. ENVI is the software solution used by professionals across industries to quickly, easily, and accurately extract information from imagery and provide current and detailed information about an area of interest for updating geodatabases.

As organizations rely more on geospatial imagery, the transition to server-based platforms like Esri’s ArcGIS Server® for image management and dissemination increases efficiency and collaboration across the workflow, creating an environment that is not only easier for administrators to manage, but for end users to access. Now, you can easily deliver ENVI’s advanced image analysis tools to the ArcGIS Server environment using ENVI for ArcGIS Server, a revolutionary new product that provides the tools users across the enterprise need to effectively add important information about a geographic area to their GIS.

ENVI for ArcGIS Server allows you to author, publish, and distribute image analysis tools and models to your entire organization. With ENVI image analysis tools available within the familiar ArcGIS Server environment, end users now can take full advantage of the rich geographic data contained in imagery.

Use ENVI for ArcGIS® Server to:
Author tools and models on the desktop to provide customized image analysis functionality to your organization

Publish models and applications across the enterprise to increase overall productivity and return derived data to a central, shared location

Use image analysis applications and models published through the ArcGIS Server platform on a desktop, mobile, or Web client


For over three decades, the defense and intelligence community has turned to Exelis VIS to employ the latest image and data analysis technologies - from off the shelf products to fully custom implementations - to provide the geospatial knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Custom solutions are carefully defined and developed by a team of highly experienced consultants from our Professional Services Group (PSG), a team focused on helping you get the actionable intelligence you need. With unparalleled knowledge of data processing and image exploitation, we combine the agility of commercial software development with your unique mission needs, delivering you the latest technology-based solutions to your 21st century problems.Application Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System Integration;Training ServicesENVI Image Analysis SoftwareE3De LiDAR Exploitation SoftwareENVI for ArcGIS ServerENVI Image Analysis SoftwareENVI brochureENVI 5 overviewE3De LiDAR Exploitation SoftwareE3De Overview3D Building Extraction for GISE3De BrochureENVI for ArcGIS ServerENVI for ArcGIS Server Brochure