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SchoolSite Locator

Platform:   Online
Version:   10.3
Industries:   Education

A Simple, Easy-to-use Hosted Web Solution for Finding Home to School Assignments

SchoolSite Locator saves staff time and money avoiding the hundreds of telephone calls and questions dealing with student home to school assignments. SchoolSite Locator utilizes Esri ArcGIS Online map content, imagery and geocoding web services combined with locally hosted attendance boundary maps and school information packaged into a simple web application and hosted by DDP. A custom URL is provided to the District for posting on their website as well as being accessible from all devices including tablets and smartphones. Parents, staff, realtors, and others have immediate access to boundary and street maps, imagery and the ability to quickly enter addresses for school assignments. A typical setup time of less than one week is included with an annual hosting subscription.


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Davis Demographics & Planning provides demographic, facility and Master Planning consulting services exclusively to public K-12 school districts. Using GIS, our long-range demographic planning consulting services give districts what they need to make accurate and informed decisions in an ever changing economic climate. Over 75% of our revenue comes from our planning consulting practice. <br /> <br />In addition to our demographic and planning services, DDP has over 25 years of Esri software use and development experience (within the first 300 customers of Esri since 1987 and a business partner since 1990). We provide a number of implementation services to help school districts become successful in their use of GIS. DDP is the most experienced K-12 GIS consulting firm with over 200 school districts in 31 states throughout the U.S.Data Conversion/Migration;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;Training ServicesSchoolSite Desktop for ArcGISSchoolSite LocatorStudent Query Application/ArcGIS MarketplaceSchoolSite Desktop for ArcGISSchoolSite BrochureRecorded Webinar: Using ArcGIS and SchoolSite for School PlanningSchoolSite LocatorRecorded 1/2 Hour WebinarStudent Query Application/ArcGIS MarketplaceMarketplace Link