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Industries Served: Electric & Gas, GIS, Land Records, Petroleum, Pipeline
Contract Land Staff’s (CLS) GIS and web-mapping services allow users to integrate location and land ownership information into a single comprehensive geospatial database. Our web-mapping tools enable you to visualize patterns and relationships, and analyze trends. <br /> <br />CLS’s GIS web-mapping services has the capability to assemble, store, manipulate, and display geographically referenced information and provides real-time access to your supporting databases. This provides you with a highly accurate picture of your land assets and important related features. <br /> <br />CLS’s GIS solutions tie your critical data to a powerful visual representation of the entire project. This ability to visualize a project’s layers has proven to be a powerful tool for in-depth analysis – allowing field staff and office personnel to collaborate and share land related project data. <br /> <br />CLS provides clients with a range of services to develop integrated GIS solutions. Using our extensive background with land management we can assist clients with developing their own GIS systems. GIS services include: <br /> <br />• Needs assessment <br />• Database design & models <br />• Implementation strategies <br />• Data conversion <br />• Web-mapping applications <br />• Mobile data applications <br />• System evaluations <br />• ArcGIS Server & ArcSDE installationApplication Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements