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Clearion Vegetation Management Software

Platform:   Mobile
Version:   10.0, 10.1
Industries:   Electric & Gas, Forestry

The Clearion Vegetation Management (Clearion VM) software solution is an enterprise vegetation management system that enables users to create, share, track, plan, schedule and audit vegetation work within a GIS database.
Clearion VM is designed to manage a FAC-003 compliant Integrated Vegetation Management Program (IVMP), as well as a comprehensive distribution and/or non-NERC regulated transmission program. The main geospatial data management components of Clearion VM are built using Esri’s ArcGIS technology, which are coupled with Clearion’s work management and reporting toolset.

Right-of-way line clearing is essential for system safety and reliability, and it is one of the largest operational expenses for electrical distribution companies. The Vegetation Management System from Clearion Software puts utilities in control of the information and business processes surrounding their ROW maintenance programs to help manage costs, meet increasing customer expectations, and comply with tightening regulatory requirements. <br /> <br />Clearion Vegetation Management is an enterprise system built on Esri ArcGIS technology, bringing the power of geographic display and analysis to vegetation data. The Clearion solution includes an easy to use field GIS application that integrates GPS technology for faster mapping, easier navigation and synchronizes data to a central server. Clearion Vegetation Management also delivers web-based viewing, reporting, and scheduling capabilities that enable planning, monitoring, and analysis of ROW line clearing programs.Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Hosting Services;Needs and RequirementsClearion Vegetation Management SoftwareClearion Vegetation Management Software