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Cyan Patrol Inspections

Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.1
Industries:   Electric & Gas

Having an easy to use and effective mobile inspections solution can provide significant benefit to your overall asset management strategy and can be even more important when used satisfy NERC and FERC compliance requirements.

Cyan Patrol Inspections supports aerial and ground patrol inspections such as Right of Way and Lines Inspections by enabling the fast and accurate capture of defects or issues for a series or route of assets. The mobile application can utilize a GPS sensor to show the location of the Inspector in relation to the Assets in a GIS / Map Viewer and to automatically select the ‘current’ asset when it is within a configurable proximity of the Inspector. If defects or issues are identified, the Inspector simply touches finger-friendly buttons to indicate the type and severity of the problem. If no buttons are touched, the Asset is classified as ‘inspected – no defects’. The map and a sequential list of Assets are updated to display the current progress of the Inspection and to make it easy to stop and restart Inspections as needed.

Cyan Patrol Inspections supports both online and offline use. All necessary Asset, Route, Inspection and GIS data is automatically synchronized and maintained on the device. All captured data, such as patrol status, defects, notes (voice and text), and photo attachments are securely stored on the device and sent to the back end system(s) as soon as an active network connection is available. The integrated GIS / Map Viewer utilizes Esri ArcGIS Runtime technology and supports a wide array of GIS data sources and base maps to ensure that you have the right information in your field personnel’s hands.

• Eliminate paper forms and replace them with an intuitive, effective mobile application optimized for use in performing aerial and ground-based patrol or route inspections.
• Leverage GPS to indicate your current position in relation to the Assets to be inspected on an interactive map and to automatically select the current Asset.
• Capture defects, text and/or voice notes, photographs and GPS data as needed and have them automatically associated to the appropriate Asset.
• Fully supports both online and offline use and automatically synchronizes data when an active network connection is available.
• Utilizes Esri ArcGIS technology to ensure broad compatibility with a variety of GIS data sources and base maps and robust offline capabilities.


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