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Platform:   Desktop
Version:   10.0, 10.1, 9.3

SOCET for ArcGIS® (SFA) combines the stereo photogrammetric capabilities of BAE Systems’ SOCET GXP®/SOCET SET® software with the cartographic and feature-editing tools of the ESRI® ArcGIS® application. Built for geospatial analysis, SOCET for ArcGIS provides functionality for extracting features and elevations in ground space to create precise 3-D geodatabases. No photogrammetric expertise is required.

Geospatial analysts and users who are more familiar with ESRI tools can access the ArcMap® canvas directly from SOCET GXP with the added benefit of using SOCET for ArcGIS® with optional extraction in a SOCET GXP stereo Multiport. The ArcMap application stores and retrieves feature data while SOCET GXP displays vectors on the imagery with the associated sensor model. Analysts have the option to use SOCET GXP’s SEE drawing and editing tools or those provided in ArcMap.

•SOCET GXP® stereo Multiport™ in ArcGIS environment.
•Interface between SOCET GXP and ArcMap® applications.
•Use ESRI or SOCET GXP 3-D tools for feature collection and editing in ArcMap.
•Define advanced style sheets and feature queries.
•Auto-attribute features from image source metadata: date, time, CE, LE, and sensor.
•Create highly accurate 3-D-enabled GIS databases for viewing and editing.

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