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Industries Served: Environmental Management, Maritime, Pipeline
ASA’s GIS & Data Integration services and products have originated from a rich history of marine response and coastal management related solutions. The company’s founding in 1979 was focused on the core service of advanced numerical 3-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling to solve marine environmental problems. ASA has been involved in developing and utilizing environmental data management and Geographic Information Systems for more than 25 years. ASA’s diverse project experience and multi-industry contract work has led to a wide spectrum of cutting edge GIS applications and data solutions. ASA has confronted and met the challenge of integrating disparate environmental data often stored in non-GIS data formats and by a wide array of data providers by developing integration tools and support for normalizing and homogenizing various data formats. <br /> <br />GIS & Data Integration Services Include: <br />Integrated Ocean Observation and Modeling <br />Data Management and Communications (DMAC) <br />Custom GIS Applications <br />Web-based Map Services <br />Web Services Architecture Design and Implementation <br />Marine Forecasting IntegrationApplication Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System IntegrationEDS OnDemandOilmapEDS OnDemandEDSOilmapcontact