908 N Walnut St
Bloomington, IN
United States  
Phone: (812) 320-5467
Fax: (812) 335-7352
Email: Chris Walls
Our name comes from the fact that the 39th parallel is the closest line of latitude to our headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our team is committed to turning your datasets into powerful visual-management tools and to providing you with the support you need to utilize them to your fullest advantage.

Our logo is a degree symbol (°) chopped into fourths and inverted. The four components represent the values we at 39 DEGREES NORTH aspire to:

technological innovation,
an uncompromising work ethic,
providing returns on customers' investments,
and unsurpassed customer service.

We believe that the only fully informed data are data with spatial components, and our powerful data engines allow you to synthesize giant arrays of data from multiple sources into simple pictures.

Additional Information:
Founded in December 2004, 39 DEGREES NORTH LLC is an Indiana-based company specializing in software development, principally the design and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In particular, we provide system architecture and geodatabase design, development of custom desktop and Internet mapping applications, and data creation and migration services. We also provide consulting, expert analysis, and other highly specialized services based on our customers' unique requirements.

Industries Served: Community Development, Defense, Elections, GIS, Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Land Records, Maritime, Public Works, Telco, Trucking & Distribution


Mobile GIS <br />GIS. Anywhere. Anytime. Perform Live Data Editing in the Field Since the recent introduction of mobile technology to ArcGIS Server, we have focused on learning … <br /> <br />WebGIS <br />ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, … <br /> <br />Application Development <br />We have extensive experience in developing GIS applications on Esri platforms. Our major development languages are VB6, VB.NET, and C#, and we develop web solutions … <br /> <br />Data Development <br />Data Migration and Cleanup We employ three major data-migration procedures: CAD-to-geodatabase migration Migration of file-based data, such as coverages and shapefiles, to geodatabase Migration from … <br /> <br />Geodatabase Design <br />Geodatabase Design A properly designed database system is key to the success of a GIS project. We use domain-specific geodatabase models designed by Esri and … <br /> <br />System Architecture <br />System Architecture Design We offer our clients a full range of consulting services. We start with an assessment of your GIS needs, then use your … <br /> <br />System Integration <br />System Integration Integrating the GIS system into your external systems is crucial for large organizations. We will link your spatial databases with your other systems …Application Development;Data Conversion/Migration;Data Model & Database Design;GIS Strategy and Planning;Hosting Services;Implementation;Needs and Requirements;System Architecture and Design;System IntegrationeGISGIS for Federal Government - Situational AwarenessReprecincting and RedistrictingeGIS :: Enterprise GIS for Local GovernmenteGIS - Enterprise WebGIS for Facility ManagementReal-time Web-based Vehicle TrackingMobile location application using ArcGIS ServereGISDemoGIS for Federal Government - Situational AwarenessNext Wave DoD ProjectReprecincting and RedistrictingVideo DemoDemoFeatureseGIS :: Enterprise GIS for Local GovernmentSample SiteeGIS - Enterprise WebGIS for Facility ManagementTestimonialReal-time Web-based Vehicle TrackingFeaturesMobile location application using ArcGIS ServerVideoThe PlatformFeatures